Thank you for your interest in our FlippinAffiliate program.  It is very simple.  You drive sales to our site (using a unique 10% OFF Coupon Code that allows your customers a discount), and for anyone checking out using your unique Coupon Code, you get paid (our current bounty is $20 per case sold)!

FlippinToad pays only via PayPal
If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can sign up here.  You will be paid at the start of each calendar week, for the previous week.  Any returns or refunds issued against orders on your Coupon Code will be deducted from any subsequent payments.

Request your Unique Coupon Code
To request your unique Coupon Code, please complete this form.  We will reply to confirm your unique Coupon Code has been set up in our system, and that you are set to make some FlippinSales!  You will be paid for any sales on the webshop that contain your unique Coupon Code.  You will NOT be paid for any sales on the webshop that do not contain your unique Coupon Code.

One Sample Case for $15
You will also be issued a one-time use Coupon Code that will allow you the ability to purchase a case for $15 + shipping.  This is intended to allow you to get hands-on experience with our product at an Affiliate-only rate so you can best figure out how to sell it.

Use our Affiliate Asset Area
We have gathered up art assets used to create our site, and other unique art assets featuring our products.  You may feel free to draw from this library and to morph these assets into any digital vehicle you need in order to promote our product and drive your sales initiatives.  The Affiliate Asset Area can be found here.

Advertising Only Campaigns
The easiest way for an Affiliate sell our products is to not sell directly, but to redirect the consumer to our website using their unique 10% OFF coupon.  We will ship the product to the customer, and pay you for the sale.

eBay and other Online Markets
The Affiliate sells the product and the customer pays the Affiliate who then keys the order into our webstore (and pays us) which causes the order to be shipped directly to the customer.  At the start of each week, we pay $10/per unit for the previous week via PayPal.

Affiliate Referral Marketing
For any Affiliate that you drive to our FlippinAffiliate Program, who uses your name as recorded in our Affiliate system in the Referral field, we will pay you $1 on each of their unit sales as an incentive for you to help us find additional Affiliates.

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)
Please note that all products sold via our Affiliate program must abide by our Minimum Advertised Price policy, found here.